May 4, 2018

Stage 2: The process of how we end up with our pot of gold...

The second stage in our brewing process is known as 'Mashing'.

Stage 2: Mashing

Faerie Glen water is heated to 72.5°c - 75°c is mixed (mashed) with the ground malt as it goes into the mash tun. Brewers refer to all water used for brewing as liquor. This mash is allowed to stand in the mash tun for a period of 1 hour, during which time the starch in the malt is converted into sugar and solubilised.

The extract solution, which is commonly known as wort in the brewing industry, is drawn off from the base of the mash tun and collected in a large boiling vessel known as a Copper.

To ensure the maximum efficient of extraction, the mash is sprayed thoroughly with additional brewing liquor, a process called sparging.

So realistically speaking, you could have drank 3 pints of your finest Skye Ale within this time...

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