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Skye Red Bottle

Skye Red

4.2%, 500ml

A balanced and nutty deep red craft ale

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Skye Gold Bottle

Skye Gold

4.3%, 500ml

A smooth golden craft ale from fine porridge oats

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Yer Ben Bottle

Yer Ben

5.5%, 500ml

YER BEN is the signature ale of Scotland’s Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin, who took the passion of the Isle of Skye Brewery and created this exceptionally smooth ale. ‘My grandfather Ben Robinson, or Popa as we called him, was a true connoisseur of beer. He loved Scotland, especially the Highlands and Islands where he spent many happy times. You would often find my popa deep in conversation or simply reflecting on life with a fine ale in his hand. It gave him great enjoyment to always carefully consider the quality and condition of his beer choice. He inspired me to do the same.’

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Skye Black Bottle

Skye Black

4.5%, 500ml

Dark ale brewed with rolled roast oatmeal and honey

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Skye Blaven Bottle

Skye Blaven

4.7%, 500ml

A full bodied deep golden craft ale

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Skye Blonde Bottle

Skye Blonde

5.5%, 330ml

Lightly hopped with a soft lingering finish

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Skye IPA Bottle

Skye IPA

5%, 330ml

A Clean Golden Bitter Ale

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Tarasgeir Bottle


4%, 500ml

Tarasgeir is brewed using peat-smoked malt from the Ardmore Distillery, imparting a delicate smoky aroma and wonderful burnt peat flavour to this unique craft beer, which lingers well into the aftertaste.

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Skyelight Bottle


3.8%, 330ml

This light and refreshing ale is a real thirst quencher. Plenty of fruit and hops lead to a lingering light hoppy finish.

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Skye Craft Lager Bottle

Skye Craft Lager

4.2%, 330ml

A Crisp and Refreshing Craft Lager

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