January 21, 2020

Strong Scottish Ale

Brewing extends back millennia in Scotland, but we can move directly to the late 1700s to find the taproot of the strong-ale tradition.

Here on Skye we have the Cuillin Beast. This is a sweet and smooth ale which is by far our strongest, coming in at 7% abv.

This beer was aptly named when the foreman building the brewery asked if we made ‘beastie beer’. This old-fashioned brew was so yeasty, the freshly brewed ale was alive with movement. Legend also tells of a beast that roams the hills – all who see it perish. Which made us think… how did the story start in the first place?

We believe that The Beast should be enjoyed either on its own or while eating something sweet.

Visit our online shop now to challenge the Cuillin Beast, if you dare


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