February 20, 2018

It's all about the provenance...

Ever wondered what goes into your beer?

We truly believe in provenance in beer and we are extremely proud to be part of both the Scottish and British craft brewing industries.

Transparency is key to us which is why we want you to know exactly what is going into your beer.

Our Malt

Our malt is locally sourced in The Scottish Highlands. The Scottish climate is well-suited to producing plump, high-quality malting barley which is then used to produce a full range of roasted malts. These malts are then carefully selected for each ale to give them their own unique distinctive taste. (That's one good outcome of the Scottish climate. We're not too sure there's many more).

Our Yeast

We use our very own live yeast within the brewery. Essentially, this is what gives our beer its own unique flavour.

Our Water

The water that goes into our beers comes rolling off the Cuillin Hills, into the Faerie Glen and then into your bottle. Can't get much fresher than that, eh?

Our Hops

Scotland is great for producing a number of things (Skye Ale, Scotch Whisky, The Telephone, TV and of course, Kevin Bridges) however it's not ideal for growing hops. These are outsourced...to England. We do also use some specialised hops from all over the world from Japanese Sorachi Ace hops to American Centennial Hops.

So the next time you're drinking our beer and your taste buds are being tickled, you'll know exactly what it is you're drinking...

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