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Skye Red Bottle

Skye Red

4.2%, 500ml

A balanced and nutty deep red craft ale

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Skye Gold Bottle

Skye Gold

4.3%, 500ml

A smooth golden craft ale from fine porridge oats

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Skye Black Bottle

Skye Black

4.5%, 500ml

Dark ale brewed with rolled roast oatmeal and honey

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YP Bottle


3.8%, 500ml

Shimmering gold and refreshingly full-flavoured, Young Pretender is an ale to challenge received wisdom.

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Tarasgeir Bottle


4%, 500ml

Tarasgeir is brewed using peat-smoked malt from the Ardmore Distillery, imparting a delicate smoky aroma and wonderful burnt peat flavour to this unique craft beer, which lingers well into the aftertaste.

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Skye Blaven Bottle

Skye Blaven

4.7%, 500ml

A full bodied deep golden craft ale

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Yer Ben Bottle

Yer Ben

5.5%, 500ml

YER BEN is the signature ale of Scotland’s Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin, who took the passion of the Isle of Skye Brewery and created this exceptionally smooth ale.

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Skye IPA Bottle

Skye IPA

5%, 330ml

A Clean Golden Bitter Ale

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Skye Blonde Bottle

Skye Blonde

5.5%, 330ml

Lightly hopped with a soft lingering finish

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Skye Craft Lager Bottle

Skye Craft Lager

4.2%, 330ml

A Crisp and Refreshing Craft Lager

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Skyelight Bottle


3.8%, 330ml

This light and refreshing ale is a real thirst quencher. Plenty of fruit and hops lead to a lingering light hoppy finish.

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